XLI PR is a full-service brand-building agency, operating from three cities across the globe.
XLI PR's service is unparalleled. Built on the founder’s vast experience, natural talent for PR and publicity, our team is dedicated to delivering work that expertly combines detail and local precision with large-scale impact. XLI PR's CEO has written a globally published book 'How to Make a Brand Famous in Four Months', has built multiple brands that became successful worldwide, worked with every A-list celebrity such as Beyonce and Kylie Jenner and knows how to get recognition, enter new markets and increase sales using strategic PR. Why XLI PR? Unlike other agencies we do not charge our clients per article or interview as we have enough experience and industry connections to be able to get you organic coverage (Prices PER article in a top tier publication range from 5000 USD to 10k, and no PR agency should be asking you to work on this basis). We also know what it's like being a CLIENT of a PR company, we know what makes a client happy therefore we prefer to under promise and over deliver. Portfolio by request.